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Sen. Manny Pacquiao admits that he regrets entering politics

Despite being named as the new president of PDP-Laban, Senator Manny Pacquiao admitted that he regrets entering politics. 

  • In an interview with Nas Daily, he said that he’s “disappointed” and he “hates the system” as it’s filled with corrupt politicians.
  • After being named as the new president of Duterte’s political party, netizens assume that Pacquiao will possibly run in the 2022 Presidential Elections. 

Senator Manny Pacquiao was recently named as the new president of PDP-Laban, the political party of President Rodrigo Duterte. With this, the netizens speculated on his possible candidacy in the 2022 Presidential Elections.

Despite his new title in the political party, in an interview with Nuseir Yassin, more popularly known by his online moniker Nas Daily, Pacquiao revealed that he “regrets” entering politics.

“Why did you choose to take that jump? Being a politician is something so polarizing,” Nas asked during the 20th episode of his Nas Talks podcast titled Asking Sensitive Questions to Manny Pacquiao.

The athlete turned politician then admitted that he didn’t like politics at first and he got “disappointed” with how supposed public servants used their positions.

“I like that question, Nas. Actually, from the beginning, I don’t like politics. I’m disappointed… I regret that I entered politics. I hate the system of politics, there’s a lot of corrupt politicians. I’m not saying all of them, but most of them,” he said.

He added that the reason he decided to push through with his political career was that he wanted to help more people.

Netizens then contradicted his sentiments by saying that while having the heart to help is good, it’s not the only thing that the government needs. Thus making Pacquiao inadequate for the Presidential seat.

Others also cheered him on for being a boxer but don’t sit well with the idea of him becoming the next president.

Another said that if ever the senator will run in the 2022 Presidential Elections, everyone needs to exert a lot of effort to educate Filipinos.

“Kami rin,” a Twitter user agreed with Pacquiao’s sentiment that he regrets entering politics.

“Manny Pacquiao having a big chance at being president is scary.”

He was also compared to President Duterte by a netizen saying that he will also govern with cynicism rather than what the country actually needs.

A netizen then pointed out how Pacquiao will reign the government with homophobia if ever he claims the presidential seat.

Another one even brought back the video of Pacquiao stating that members of the LGBTQ+ community are worse than animals.

Pacquiao has yet to address the issue regarding his sentiments.

Written by J M

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