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Wag na silang magreklamo: Cagayan Gov. Manny Mamba says teachers paid to do nothing

A governor said things he should not have said—and his apology did not exactly cut it.

Another public official is in the hot seat for dissing teachers, and the response from the public is not pretty.

Cagayan Governor Manny Mamba recently got himself into trouble after saying teachers had no reason to complain during the pandemic.

In an interview with DZRH, Mamba said teachers were “enjoying” the pandemic, being able to earn money “nang walang ginagawa.”

“Kaya nga dapat, huwag na silang magreklamo dahil sa totoo lang po, I think mayroon tayong law na kapag ganito na work from home, tatanggalan ng kaunti.” He also claimed that teachers were saving money because they work from home.

He even asked teachers to “go out of their way para makatulong sa mga estudyante sa mga bahay-bahay.”

His statements did not sit well with netizens, who advised Cagayan voters to exclude the incumbent governor from their 2022 ballot.

Sorry not sorry?

Mamba would apologize a day after his interview went viral. He asked for forgiveness from teachers, claiming he thinks highly of education “because I am a creation of education.”

He also said he wanted to “challenge each and every one of us to show our people that we are still relevant.”

He would also ask teachers to “work together. Please, let us face all the problems together. Nothing has to divide us at this point of time.”

Netizens were not happy with his sorry-not-sorry apology.

One statement from Gov. Mamba seems to have slid under the radar of netizens.

This statement basically confirms that he wasn’t really sorry about “calling teachers out”.

Teachers have been struggling to adapt their physical classroom lesson plans to one suitable for blended and fully online learning. Most of the older teachers are also trying to adapt their methods, as online classes are now the norm.

Teachers have also said they lacked the resources to produce the modules necessary to conduct blended learning classes. Internet connectivity issues have also hounded teachers who have tried to both attend webinars and conduct online classes now that the school year has begun.

Some teachers have even extended help to students who have had to rethink about enrolling for the school year 2020-2021.

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