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ABS-CBN announces auditions for latest PBB season; pro-ABS-CBN shutdown netizens ask ‘where do I sign up?’

Oh, the irony. You bat for ABS-CBN’s closure yet want first dibs on one of their most popular programs, Pinoy Big Brother.

Something ironic is happening as one of ABS-CBN’s crowd favorites, Pinoy Big Brother or PBB, is scheduled to make a comeback.

However, a couple of netizens noticed something that did not quite add up. Some of the people sharing their audition clips on social media, who presumably sent them in via Kumu, were those who celebrated when ABS-CBN’s franchise application was rejected by Congress last July 2020.


Some called out DDS auditionees, though did not mention anyone in particular.

Apparently, some of them are friends on Facebook.

Others said ABS-CBN should add an extra qualifier to the screening process—which could extend to an automatic eviction if you somehow pass the screening.

One person even gave up a portion of his or her day to monitor audition tapes from aspiring PBB housemates during the program’s Facebook live session.

Some even asked ABS-CBN that hosts with a particular political disposition should not be allowed to go back to PBB.

Even social media strategist and former Kapamilya employee France Sajorda had something to say—apparently based on personal experience:

ABS-CBN’s return to free TV on A2Z Channel 11 was met with a lot of fanfare from Kapamilyas, yet there wasn’t a single peep to be heard from those who used #YesToABSCBNShutdown.

If you’re an aspiring Housemate who’s 16-35 years old, and God forbid not a DDS, here’s how to audition.

Download the Kumu app and post a one-minute audition video with the hashtag #PBBkumuauditions. Add details such as your name, age, and where you live as the caption for your video before you publish it on Kumu.

Those who would pass the initial screening would be contacted by PBB through its official Kumu handle @pbbabscbn.

While auditions are not—and for the sake of fairness, should not be based on one’s political leanings, the irony of the situation is crystal clear. Imagine batting against the franchise of ABS-CBN, yet now wanting to be a part of one of its programs.

ABS-CBN, for its part, didn’t really go off-air when its franchise application was rejected on July 10, 2020. They merely went away from free TV and started broadcasting exclusively on cable via the Kapamilya Channel.

Meanwhile, ABS-CBN seemed to have simply bided their time and waited for a decision from Bro. Eddie Villanueva’s ZOE Broadcasting Network to make their return to free TV with some of their programs now being aired on A2Z Channel 11.

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