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Daughter of deceased frontliner calls out corrupt and ‘fu**** up’ Duterte administration

“Remember my father”

In his latest budget message to lawmakers, President Rodrigo Duterte urged Congress to immediately approve the proposed National Budget of P4.506 trillion so the country can go back to ‘normal.’

“With your review and speedy approval of our proposed National Budget of P4.506 trillion for Fiscal Year 2021, we will get back on our journey, on the road again — moving forward, getting our ‘normal’ back, reclaiming our future,” Duterte said.

“And that is why, more than ever before, we will need a strong foundation and support for our program of a resurgence, through this Proposed National Budget. And the way we will manage and utilize this Budget — our financial program for the forthcoming year — will be the first milestone in a new chapter of our journey,” he added.

Duterte also acknowledged the indispensability of first responders.

“Mahirap tumbasan ang inalay nila para sa bayan. We are forever grateful,” he said.

The president further said he believes ‘brighter days’ await the Filipino people in reference to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Despite the turbulence of a world health crisis, I stand steady, with the same confidence and certainty — but now of one who believes that beyond these bleak times are brighter days,” Duterte said.

“Indeed, we have gone through a lot these past months. But let me say this. We will prevail. Our people, gifted with faith, resiliency, and creativity, will overcome this crisis. We will heal, and we will recover, and we will win.” he added.

Unfortunately for Jean Reyes, a medical school student, her father who was a first responder, recently died and only received P500 in hazard pay. Based on her tweets dedicated to her deceased father, she’d have to wait longer for her ‘brighter days’.

“Remember my father,” she tweeted while pointing out that he hasn’t received anything in hazard pay since March of this year.

She wants people to always keep in mind the first responders who died in this pandemic. She also wants to remind the people of how ‘fucked’ up the Duterte administration is and the unforgiving healthcare system.

Jean just wants her father back.

Dr. Raymond Reyes was her inspiration, now he is no longer around to show her the ropes.

Raymond used to bring with him a plush toy they named ‘monggo’ for ‘protection.’

Raymond died less than a week from his birthday.

Monggo was even donning PPEs when Raymond was risking his life.

The government’s response to the pandemic has been heavily criticized, and Jean did not hold back in calling it out.

Written by JO-EST B. TAN

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