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Celebrity look-a-like? Twitter troll account posts comparison photo of influencer and Frankie Pangilinan

One Twitter troll account looks like it wants clout once more as it switches targets from a recent bar exam passer to the daughter of a politician.

In a bizarre twist, a Twitter account that can only be described as a troll has shifted targets and now has a celebrity daughter in its sights.

A once-public tweet from Twitter user @dianealipores has gone viral on twitter when its intended target, influencer Pipay (@pipaykipay) shared it on her profile.

In it, Pipay is compared to no other than Frankie Pangilinan, the outspoken daughter of opposition leader Senator Francis Pangilinan. Pipay and Frankie’s photos appeared side by side with the caption, “Hindi mo kami maloloko, Kakie! My ghad, Kakie. Char!”


Before Diane Alipores—a play on the name of recent bar exam passer Diane Azores, went private—her defenders took to Twitter to say it was a joke that only they got.

Pipay, however, took to the trolling in stride and said it was an honor for her to be “compared to the daughter of THE MEGA STAR”, referring to Frankie’s mother Sharon Cuneta.

Frankie has also chimed in, expressing her support for Pipay.

On Pipay and Frankie

Pipay is an online influencer with a decent following on TikTok (126,000), Twitter (33,800), and Facebook (20,800). She’s known for producing comedic skits shared on said platforms that deal mostly with Filipino cliches—as well as her malocclusion or buck teeth.

19-year-old Frankie Pangilinan, on the other hand, is best known for her clapback tweets that have made headlines across major news outlets. One of her most iconic to date created the hashtag #HijaAko, stemming from this particular exchange with Ben Tulfo.

She has also stood up for fellow Gen Zs, which has practically gained her the ire of most Filipino baby boomers.

She’s also known for lovingly—emphasis on LOVINGLY—“trolling” her parents Sharon Cuneta and Sen. Francis Pangilinan on social media every now and then.

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