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#MarcosMagnanakaw: Joker Arroyo’s daughter recounts the ills of Martial Law—and then some

Maoi Arroyo, the daughter of the late statesman Joker Arroyo, just hijacked #MarcosTunayNaBayani and smashed trolls in the process.

Most people will recognize her last name, but associate her with someone far removed from her pedigree, but people should know her name: Ma. Antonia Odelia Gregorio Arroyo—or simply Maoi Arroyo.

Maoi is daughter of former Senator and statesman Joker Arroyo and the late Odelia Gregorio Arroyo, the former Ambassador to the Philippines of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. And no, it’s not the one off the coast of Spain.

She has (and still leads) a few companies and an impact fund that seeks to eradicate income and access poverty in the Philippines. As for awards, well, her LinkedIn profile speaks for itself.

However, if it were just these, there’s no way she would become one of the current focal points of those who still believe in Apo Lakay. What she did was something that really earned the seemingly undying rage of those who defend the Marcoses with all their might.

She hijacked #MarcosTunayNaBayani—along with other pro-Marcos hashtags—on microblogging site Twitter.

These facts made her one of the public enemies of the Marcos zealots, who came charging in—first with supposed facts and anecdotes, but later resorted to what can only be described as a classic move: name-calling and attacking the person directly.

Bit much? You can visit her profile on Twitter and see the tweets in sequence here: @maoiarroyo.

Maoi has experienced a lot of personal attacks—and we mean A LOT—on Twitter. She probably still is, seeing that she’s not shy about expressing her thoughts about the current administration.

But that’s the kind of toughness and pedigree you earn when your dad never missed a day in Congress as a congressman and always returned his pork barrel even as a Senator, and a mom who was as much of an entrepreneur and public servant as you are.

She even shared three tips to deal with unreasonable people:

In closing, we’d like to offer you this tweet—because apparently she has been asked multiple times about forgiving the Marcoses:

A reasonable pair of conditions, don’t you think?

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