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LOOK: Netizens spot something wrong about Atty. Larry Gadon’s uploaded pics

In photos that were uploaded on his own Facebook page, people noticed that he taped the mask on his face shield instead of covering his mouth and nose with it.

  • Netizens made fun of Atty. Larry Gadon for his unique way of wearing a mask.
  • Masks should always be worn over a person’s nose up to their chin.

“Bobo” heckler Atty. Larry Gadon was called out by netizens after they noticed something wrong with his photos.

Social media users didn’t know if they should be amused or annoyed with the way Gadon wore his mask. Instead of protecting himself by wearing it the right way, it seemed like he taped it inside his face shield, which defeats the purpose of actually wearing the mask.

A netizen called it “hover face mask.”

Other Twitter users were then amused and confused as to how he thought of the idea.

People then used his famous “bobo” line on him.

Another one tweeted that he has once seen Gadon and yes, that’s really how he wears the mask.

To properly wear a surgical mask, the elastic bands needed to be placed around your ears. In Gadon’s case, he completely removed the said bands.

The mask also needs to be extended about the nose and down to the chin. After bending the metallic strip at the top of the mask, one should avoid touching it to make sure that no bacteria is on the mask.

Surgical masks need to be changed periodically as well.

Written by J M

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