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Did Skusta Clee cause Ry and Con to break up? Makagago reacts and attacks the rapper

From It’s Showtime’s TNT 4th time defending champion, Rosarely Avila (Ryssi) and That’s My Tomboy Grand Finalist, Concon Felix.

Well-known YouTube couple Ry & Con have reportedly broken up, leaving their fans speechless and surprised.

At the time of the news of their breakup, the couple had nearly 450,000 subscribers on their channel and over 1.5 million followers on Facebook.

It has been speculated that Ex-Battalion rapper Skusta Clee is the reason for their breakup.

One Jestin Manalo posted screenshots to prove that the couple is no more.

Skusta Clee or Daryl Ruiz also released a statement regarding the rumors.

Avila had everyone worried when it was rumored that she went with Skusta and she didn’t tell her parents where she was.Skusta Clee

Netizens reacted in a joking manner.

Social media personality Makagago also had to say something about Skusta Clee with whom he has a bad history.

Written by Charles Teves

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