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16-inch tilapia removed from man’s rectum after he accidentally sat on it

He was asked to get an X-ray and revealed that he had a dead fish in his backside.

A 30-year-old Chinese man had a 16-inch tilapia surgically removed from his rectum after claiming he accidentally sat on it.

Guangdong Television reported that the man went to the Zhaoqing First People’s Hospital after experiencing severe abdominal pain.

He was asked to get an X-ray and revealed that he had a dead fish in his backside. Footage of the surgery showed how the dead blue tilapia was taken out of him.

He revealed that he tried removing it himself but failed and decided to go to the hospital.

His belly was opened to remove the fish because it was ‘quite big’.

One nurse was heard saying, “It stinks so much!”

Similarly, andelderly Chinese man had a 10-inch metal chopstick removed from his backside. He inserted the rod into his backside ‘out of curiosity’ after developing hemorrhoids.

Pear Video released the footage showing that the chopstick was stuck in the man’s belly moving up and down as he breathed.

The 68-year old went to a hospital in Xiangyang, Hubei province on April 22 after experiencing abdominal pain said an unnamed doctor.

“A duty doctor gave him an X-ray scan and we spotted a metal object in the patient’s abdominal cavity.

“During the surgery, we removed a metal chopstick from [his] colon,” one of the medics said.

“As of this patient, he inserted a metal chopstick from anus to a deep position in his colon,” the doctor added. “It is indeed very rare.”

The patient was discharged from the hospital after medics removed the chopstick from the elderly man’s intestines.

Written by Gianni Russo

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