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Professor from Central Mindanao University faces allegations of sexual assault on students

They said that an Oral Communications professor named Fernando Domagsang has been sexually harassing several students.

  • Several students filed a complaint against a Central Mindanao University professor.
  • Netizens are disappointed by the lack of action from the university. 

The hashtag #CMUScandal went viral after a group of students went public and shared sexual assault incidents involving an Oral Communications professor at the Central Mindanao University named Fernando Domagsang.

An anonymous account called “justiceseeker” posted a letter of complaint, accusing Domagsang of sexual harassment. The poster introduced herself as an 18-year-old, Grade 12 student of the university.

She narrated that the professor grabbed her right hand and kissed it against her will during one of his classes. The second time was after a group presentation in the said class.

“He held my chin and with the use of a little bit force, he was able to make it very close to his mouth,” she wrote.

The Twitter account also uploaded statements from other supposed victims of Domagsang. Victim 1 said that he touched her butt, asked her out for dinner, insisted on bringing her on a date, and more incidents that were detailed in the statement.

Victim 2 reported that the professor massaged her hips and asked her to call him “dad” whenever they talk to each other.

Domangsang offered victim 3 a ride and scolded her for having a boyfriend. The professor even got jealous of one of her guy friends and apparently told her ‘I love you’ through texts

Also included in the thread are proof of the victims’ conversations with the professor.

Justiceseeker encouraged everyone to spread the story to help them win the fight against the alleged sexual abuser as the case they filed was dropped because of “lack of evidence”.

Netizens reacted, asking for justice. They called out the university and said that the Domagsang should be held accountable for his actions.

The complaints apparently existed since 2018 but the university failed to take action regarding the incidents.

But not everyone agreed with the hashtag #CMUScandal. They said that it may ruin the school’s reputation in the long run.

Here are other reactions by netizens:

Professor Fernando Domagsang and the Central Mindanao University has yet to address the matter as of this writing.

Written by J M

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