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“So ano nga gusto mong gawin ng mga taong wala nang makain?” Fellow influencers, netizens school influencer Janica Nam

Janica Nam called out the current administration’s critics saying that it’s not the right time to complain as the country needs unity.

  • Rei Germar and Angel Dei replied to Nam’s tweet explaining why it’s important to speak up about the government’s shortcomings.
  • Netizens also expressed their disagreement with Nam’s statement. 

Influencer Janica Nam is in the hot seat after saying how people should just unite and stop complaining about the government.

“Our country needs Unity hindi yung puro reklamo,” she wrote in a tweet.

Other influencers replied and told her why people needed to speak out about what is happening to the country. “We need to speak for the weak,” Rei Germar replied to Nam.

Nam answered back and said that at this point the country “can’t afford rallies” as it’s dangerous. She added that President Rodrigo Duterte mentioned that everyone will get to receive the benefits anyway.

Angel Dei also took part in the conversation and informed Nam that the problem is there are people that receive nothing. Those taking part in rallies and risking their health are doing it not because they want to, but because they have to.

“It’s been WEEKS. Wala pa rin. Intindihin sana yung side ng mga nagugutom.”

Nam fired back and said that it should be the problem of local government units and not the president. “Mayors and barangays should do their part,” she said.

Dei agreed but added that the national government should also do its part and inform the people. The problem is not the way that Nam wanted positivity but the way she’s saying that people should not complain.

“So ano nga gusto mong gawin ng mga taong wala nang makain? Mamatay nalang sa gutom?”

Dei also made it clear that sometimes people have to speak up and remind the government about their job.

“Simple logic, pag nag order ka ng spaghetti pero lugaw ang binigay sayo pwede mo bang sabihin na bawal magreklamo? People pay for their taxes. It is their right to have govt officials who do their jobs.”

On the other hand, AC poked fun at Nam’s statement by quote tweeting it with sarcasm.

Netizens also called out Nam and expressed their disagreement and disappointment towards the influencer’s attitude.

Others agreed to Nam’s statement about unity, but in a different manner.

As of this writing, some of the major questions of the Filipinos have not yet answered directly. This includes inquiries about the whereabouts of the Php275 billion that was put under the President’s care to be allocated to different government agencies to strengthen the fight against the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Janica Nam’s social media presence increased because she was the girlfriend of the late Franco Hernandez who was a Hashtag member.

Written by Jacks

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