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Imelda Papin tweets about her take on the COVID-19 response in the country

Imelda Papin tweets about her take on the recent issues concerning the government’s actions against COVID-19.

  • She asked about the assistance for the citizens in case the enhanced community quarantine is to be extended.
  • Aside from being a singer, Papin is currently the Vice Governor of Camarines Sur.

Legendary singer and Camarines Sur Vice Governor Imelda Papin has been expressing her thoughts about the national government’s response and action regarding coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

The government has been receiving mixed reactions about their plans to minimize the effects of the contagious disease.

There have been talks about a two-week extension of the enhanced community quarantine which is supposed to end on April 14. Papin, on the other hand, suggested that before calling for an extension, the government should assure that the basic needs of every Filipino affected will be provided.

“Do we still have enough resources/funds to sustain the lockdown? Di sila mamamatay sa virus, mamamatay sila sa gutom,” she wrote.

She also questioned President Rodrigo Duterte’s special powers, asking if he also has control over the donations.

The vice governor encouraged the arrest of Mocha Uson after the latter uploaded photos of personal protective equipment sets (PPEs), claiming that it was bought by the government. However, netizens immediately pointed out that one of the photos is from the SM Foundation.

Under the newly-signed Bayanihan to Heal As One Act, fake news peddlers may be jailed or fined up to Php1 million.

Papin defended Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto when a netizen brought up the subject of his issues with the National Bureau of Investigation.

Even before she became a vice governor, Papin has been interested in politics as she has had several attempts to enter the government.

In 1995, she attempted to be a governor of Camarines Sur but was defeated. She was elected as vice governor in 1998 and held the position for two terms. In 2004, she ran as a congresswoman in the province’s fourth district but lost. She attempted to secure a Senatorial spot in the 2010 elections but was defeated.

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