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#FAIL: Vloggers who failed to use their brains before making stupid videos

The two YouTubers are fortunate that no legal actions will be filed against them so far, but one vlogger from Cagayan de Oro wasn’t so lucky when he decided to make a video violating the enhanced community quarantine guidelines.

The enhanced community quarantine has done wonders for the vloggers of today as people are quarantined in their homes and glued to their phones in search of entertainment.

Because of the bigger audience, some vloggers are going to great lengths to make new content. Some, however, have taken it too far.

Take for example YouTuber Zeinab Harake. A video showed how Zeinab pranked her family by telling them she was ‘positive’. Her family was terrified upon hearing the fake revelation. Zeinab’s prank left a bad taste in people’s mouths.

One disgusted viewer hoped Zeinab would learn her lesson by really getting infected because the word ‘positive’ or anything about COVID-19 is not something you joke about.

Zeinab’s video was very inappropriate given that many are struck down by the disease day by day.

Netizens criticized the blogger for the poorly thought out joke.

Some actually want YouTube to remove Zeinab’s channel.

The 21-year old became famous when she became a contestant for Wowowin back in 2016. But critics of her vlog say her videos aren’t really that special.

Gell Kendrick, another vlogger with over 20,000 subscribers on YouTube, also did a prank that earned the ire of many.

Kendrick, whose real name is Angelica Jade Yap, did a prank called ‘SOSAYD PRANK CALL TO BOYFRIEND”. Suicide is a touchy subject, especially for those who have been considering it and for people who’ve had close friends and family members that did it.

It seems Yap was successful in her prank as her boyfriend fell into the trap and believed everything.

The prank was uncalled for, to say the least, and nobody found it funny.

One netizen did a whole thread sharing their thoughts on Yap’s prank. Yap’s insensitivity was too much because suicide is never an easy topic for casual conversation, let alone be used as a prank.

The netizen thinks the video is mocking people who have suicidal tendencies and are only using it for attention, which could possibly be true to a certain extent, but still not a subject to be taken lightly.

One claims to have been classmates with Yap in high school and says that the latter has always craved attention, and will do anything to get it.

Yap also lacked creativity as shown in her videos.

The prank could possibly do a lot of harm especially someone going through a rough patch.

Mental health is a serious matter that needs serious proposals. Her video was just flat out disrespectful, as mentioned by one angry netizen.

Yap received a ton of hate for her stupid prank and she has since deactivated her social media accounts except for her YouTube channel.

(UPDATE: We received an email from Yap this afternoon clarifying the controversial YouTube video. Yap informed us that it was uploaded last year (not recently) and she’s sorry for it.

Via email, Yap said,  “I am Gell Kendrick, small YouTuber here in Negros Occidental. I just want to clarify things kasi nagulat ako sa nakita at nabasa kong ‘to. Matagal na po ang vlog na “Suicide prank call” last year pa po, at na delete ko nadin po yung vlog na yan last year pa. Link nalang po ng vlog yung kumakalat. I am a victim now of Cyber bullying, pinahiya po ako ng isang Facebook page at hinanapan po ako ng mali, hinalungkat lahat ng vlogs ko at hindi ko po alam kung paano nya nakita ang link ng deleted video. I admit I was wrong in choosing that kind of content that’s why I deleted that vlog.”)

The two YouTubers are fortunate that no legal actions will be filed against them so far, but one vlogger from Cagayan de Oro wasn’t so lucky when he decided to make a video violating the enhanced community quarantine guidelines.

On Monday, April 16,  “The Wonder Boy” Antonio Bonitos uploaded a vlog telling his viewers to forget about the protocols and go outside to enjoy summer.

“Summer na ngayon, walang hiyang lockdown lockdown na ‘yan. Guys, tara, maligo tayo!”

To his surprise, the CDO Regulatory Compliance Board paid him a visit at his home to discuss his video.

Bonitos then told his followers to forget about what he said in the vlog and to just follow the guidelines. He added that he did not expect so many would watch his vlog.

“Mga ka-Wonders, humihingi ako ng public apology guys. Sumunod tayo sa gobyerno. Stay at home lang tayo, guys.

“Nasa public health crisis tayo ngayon. Kita niyo naman, sa video niya, siya na mismo nagsabi na bored siya kaya siya lumabas labas,” CDO Regulatory Compliance Board chief Antonio Resma said.

“Nasa batas na ang mga essential workers lang ang lalabas. Non-essential ‘yung ginagawa niya tapos nang-hikayat pa siya sa ibang tao na lumabas,” he added.

Possible charges to be filed against Bonitos are now being reviewed.

Written by paulie walnuts




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