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Woman bashed for trying to sell overpriced isopropyl alcohol

Policies will be imposed on online selling by the DTI

Before the COVID-19 became a worldwide threat, you only needed ₱85 to buy a single 500-ml bottle of Green Cross 70% isopropyl alcohol.

The prices of alcohol and other materials for virus protection have since gone up.

Businesses have taken advantage of the panic, and some prices of goods are unbelievably high.

But there is someone on Facebook by the name of Cherry Anne Tapallas who is going viral for selling the said product for an unreasonable price of ₱750 per bottle.

Remar Pableo posted screenshots of their conversation. Cherry told the buyer that she’ll give a discount of ₱7000 for 10 bottles.

The buyer wasn’t too pleased with the offer and did not buy anything.

Cherry reacted to the complaints and said, “Kung wala kang perang pambili manahimik ka na lang! Pweeee! Walang pera ka kasi!”

Cherry added that her prices are far cheaper compared to other sellers in an effort to justify them.

The post reached more than 100,000 shares, with mostly angry reactions from netizens.

Cherry then made it clear that she wasn’t an online seller, and that somebody was using her account.

On March 12, Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez told DZMM that much of what is being sold online for protection against COVID-19 that are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration are not really effective.

Washing hands with soap or using rubbing alcohol are advised by authorities.

People who have been in contact with COVID-19 patients and those who are experiencing coughs should wear face masks.

Lopez said that DTI will be coming up with policies regarding online selling.

“Ang problema pag bumili ka sa online, hindi mo alam kung standard or selyado ‘yung alcohol na ‘yon. Maglalabas kami ng panuntunan doon sa mga online selling,”

Lopez said profiteering charges will be filed against those who overprice medical supplies.

Written by JO-EST B. TAN

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