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Netizens slam Pres. Rodrigo Duterte for skipping 34th EDSA anniversary rites

Since assuming office in 2016, Duterte has never attended any government-led celebrations of the historic EDSA People Power anniversary.

Many netizens slammed President Rodrigo Duterte for skipping the commemorative rites of the 34th anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution held at the Power Monument in Quezon City on Tuesday, February 25.

In a tweet, the Inquirer said the President was skipping the event to “just work from home.”

Since assuming office in 2016, Duterte has never attended any government-led celebrations of the historic EDSA People Power anniversary.

The EDSA People Power anniversary, which occurs every February 25, commemorates the bloodless revolution that toppled former president and late dictator Ferdinand Marcos in 1986.

The absence of the President in yesterday’s EDSA-related event elicited negative reactions from numerous netizens.

Here’s what they said:

“Sanay na kami dyan. Babangon lang ‘yan ‘pag merong official duties para sa amo.”

“Bastos naman talaga ‘yan eh. Kaya nga hindi dapat naging Presidente ‘yan.”

“Work = Sleep”

“Anong work from home? Relax and sleep from home ‘yan palagi. Unless may inauguration, birthday party or wake, then lalabas ulit ‘yan.”

“Good! Anyway, he represents all the bad things the Edsa revolution fought for. He’s doing us, Ninoy Aquino and all the human rights victims a great favor by not attending.”

“More like, sleep from home. 😜”

“Agree ako na ‘wag syang mag attend kasi sya ang sumisira ng kalayaan ng bansa natin!”

“As expected.”

“Wala naman bago dyan.”

“Kelan ba sya umattend? Kung lamay yan malamang ura-urada aattend ‘yan.”

“Maybe he should skip the presidency too… For good!!!”

“Ok lang. It’s an insult to have him there.”

“Wala namang umaasa na pupunta ka dun! Buti pa nga, bka kung ano-ano pa ang sasabihin mo dun.”

“Sobrang batugan talaga!”

“Ok lang. You are not needed there.”

“He should skip his whole term.”

Meanwhile, some netizens have expressed support to the President’s action.

“Yes! What a great decision from a great president! 👊😎”

“Ano nga ba relevant ng FRAUD na Edsa. Hindi Tanga mga DDS. Gising na sa mga panlolokong ‘yan. Our President is busy working. No time to celebrate FRAUD!! NEVER Again. 🎗👎🏻”

“Eh wala naman kasing dapat ipag-celebrate, anong hero hero kayo diyan, ‘yang Edsa na ‘yan ang simula ng paghihirap ng Pinoy eh.”

“Wala naman kabulahan Edsa na ‘yan.. Ginagamit lang para gaguhin mga tao.”

“EDSA CELEB IS FAKE… Dapat lang iboycott!”

“Celebration for the yellows. Waste of time.”

The President is a known friend and supporter of the Marcoses. It’s also no secret that he admires the deposed strongman.

Duterte’s father, Vicente, was a member of Marcos’s cabinet, but his mother, Soledad, was a supporter of former president Cory Aquino.

In 2016, Duterte allowed the burial of the late dictator at the Libingan Ng Mga Bayani in Taguig City.

The President also endorsed the 2019 senatorial bid of then Ilocos Norte governor Imee Marcos, who backed Duterte’s presidential bid in 2016.

Written by Angelle De Leon

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