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Sharon Cuneta denies President Rodrigo Duterte’s claim she wants to kick out Kiko Pangilinan

“If my husband and I separate, you’ll hear it from me!”

Megastar Sharon Cuneta has denied a claim by President Rodrigo Duterte that she wanted her husband, Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan, out of their home.

During his speech for the Bonifacio Day event in Caloocan City on November 30, the President ranted against a law that raised the minimum age of criminal liability to 15 years old, which Pangilinan authored.

Duterte then claimed that Sharon has been asking Kiko to move out of their home.

“Pinapaalis na nga ng asawa niya sa bahay niya, ayaw kasi wala ibang matirahan. Totoo. Tanungin mo. At kung sabihin mo nagsisinungaling ako, I will resign. Ang sinasabi ko totoo ‘yan,” the President said.

On her Facebook page on Sunday, December 1, Sharon reacted to the President’s statement and wrote: “I just spent the whole day with Kiko, Miel, Miguel, ZsaZsa (Padilla) and Conrad (Onglao) in our farm, so this piece of news sent by Kakie (Frankie) kind of shocked me!”

The actress said she “don’t know if it’s true that the President, my ‘Tatay,’ really said this,” but she added that “if my husband and I separate, you’ll hear it from me!”

“I don’t think anyone expects an announcement of this sort from the President of their country! Tatay likes to joke sometimes, as you all know because Kiko’s in the Opposition,” Sharon said.

“He has joked a few times against Kiko and about me in the past!” she added.

Kiko is the head of the opposition Liberal Party.

Duterte is known for his adlibs and rants against his political opponents, which he usually does in the middle of his official speeches.

In ending her message, Sharon assured her fans that everything is fine with her family.

“Please rest assured that all is fine with my family. My stress comes from other people and things, but right now my family and marriage have never been happier! God bless you all! Love you guys,” the multi-awarded actress said.

For her part, Frankie Pangilinan, the couple’s eldest child together, hit Duterte for his controversial remark on the supposed marital status of her parents.

Her first tweet reads, “Hala, buti pa siya alam.”

In another tweet, Frankie said: “Imagine making yourself dinner in your tiny apartment and tucking yourself into bed with a warm blanket only to get a notification informing you your parents are arguing daw. It’s not either of your parents, it’s not your sister, not the dog. It’s rodi.”

“Like, imagine being more concerned with ‘ruining’ a perfectly happy family instead of… being… a good leader…,” she added.

Frankie continued as she wrote, “Homesick na nga naging sick of home pa.”

Frankie also shared a screenshot of Duterte’s quote with a caption: “OMG, when he resigns, (you’re) welcome.”

“In conclusion, it’s 4:50 a.m. here in New York City. I’m exhausted and have plenty of homework. But if you come for my family, I’ll come for (you),” Frankie said as she shared a photo of her parents which was sent by her sister Miel Pangilinan.

In one of her final tweets on the issue, Frankie, who is currently studying in New York, said “protect them at all costs,” as a caption on photos of her parents.

Written by Angelle De Leon

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