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Photos of a young woman with boyfriend inside a fitting room spark reactions from netizens

“Hindi kami sabay nag-fit nyan and FYI nagpaalam kami na mag picture, ‘wag puro husga.”

A young woman recently tweeted photos of herself and her boyfriend inside a store’s fitting room and it received mixed reactions from netizens.

In one of the photos uploaded by a certain Kate on her Twitter, she and her boyfriend can be seen standing inside a dressing room doing “selfies” while the guy wrapped his arms around her waist.

In the other photo, the couple appeared to be kissing.

In a conservative Catholic country like the Philippines, some Filipino netizens felt that it’s not appropriate for them to be together inside the changing room.

For them, it was more proper to leave their significant other outside.

One wrote: “Hoy sira sinong matinong mag jowa ang magsasabay sa fitting room?”

“Bakit kasi pupunta ng fitting room no, tapos ayaw mahusgahan,” said another netizen.

But several people disagreed and believed that there was nothing wrong with what the couple did.

A netizen commented: “Wala namang mali sa pag-fit ng sabay. Pero may mali sa pangengealam sa buhay ng ibang tao.”

“Hirap na automatic iniisip ang madumi, basta magkasama lalaki at babae sa isang lugar. Halatang manyak,” a young woman wrote.

Another netizen added, “Her tweet didn’t even meant to hurt, offend or maybe even ‘brag’ ’bout their relationship. She’s just proud and expressing her feelings. Nag picture sila diyan. Eh ano ngayon? Bat binibig deal? Mga Pinoy talaga ughhh. Kaya di naasenso Pinas.”

In her thread, Kate explained that they had asked for permission to take selfies together inside the fitting room and they were allowed to do so.

“Liit ng utak mo. Hindi kami sabay nag fit nyan and FYI nagpaalam kami na mag picture, ‘wag puro husga,” she answered to one of her bashers.

In her caption to the photos, Kate said: “Lagi lang kita (boyfriend) nakikita sa notification ko dati pero ngayon nayayakap mo na. Twitter crush mo lang ako dati, ngayon jowa na.”

She narrated that her boyfriend was just among her Twitter followers before. Kate said her boyfriend joined a group chat that she created on Facebook.

Since then, she said they’ve become close and eventually, they made it official.

Written by Angelle De Leon

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