Urologist says men should be circumcised to avoid infections and possibly cancer

“Sa kultura natin kasi kadalasan pag mag bibinata eh kailangan may tuli na ‘di ba?”

  • Circumcision is a Filipino tradition
  • Being uncircumcised can lead to infections and cancer

During an episode of Good Vibes on DZMM, urologist Joseph Lee explained why it is important to get circumcised.

There are many countries all over the world that don’t see circumcision as a big issue, but according to Lee, things are different in the Philippines.

The Filipino norm is that men should be circumcised before they reach a certain age or period. When boys do not, they get teased and bullied by their peers because circumcision equals manliness.

“Sa kultura natin kasi kadalasan pag mag bibinata eh kailangan may tuli na ‘di ba?”

“Bago mag high school kailangan tuli ka na,” Lee added.

Circumcision in the Philippines usually happens when boys reach the age of 10 or 11, or when they are transitioning to high school students.

“Sa ating bansa, during summer break we make it a point that we bring our male children for circumcision.”

Lee said health problems may arise if males are not circumcised, infection being the number one.

“Minsan kasi pag sinasabi na may excessive foreskin maaaring (magdulot) ng bacteria infection, discharge na naiipon, bacterial infection na maaaring pagmulan ng diseases.

“Siguro satin we tend to be more hygenic, di parang sa ibang bansa na okay lang,” he added.

Uncircumcised men have a white substance called smegma that builds up in the foreskin area that can also cause a lot of infections if not treated.

“Kung matagal na nagtatago sa area na naka-expose ang glans penis, may tendency na maaaring magdulot siya ng penile cancer, maaaring maipon ang bacteria … kasi puwede ‘yan maging medium for growth.”

Written by JO-EST B. TAN

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