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Filipino man bought birds sold in cages to set them all free

His act of kindness earned praise from netizens.

  • A man bought all the birds to set it free
  • Some of the netizens don’t agree on setting the birds free
  • Other admired his act of kinds to the birds

A Twitter user named @almalah1411 posted a video of a Filipino man who bought all the birds being sold by a vendor to them free.

“A man from the Philippines bought all the birds in the cage to free them.”

His act of kindness earned praise from netizens.

But some netizens were more concerned about how the birds would survive after being set free.

Some asked if the birds were taken from the wild with the thought that if those birds were raised in captivity they probably would not know how to find their food and would end up dying.

Another netizen has pointed out that animals should not be caged unless they need rehabilitation.

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