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Xian Gaza said a fellow Pinoy tried to exploit his sex video

  • A Filipino tried to extort four million pesos from Gaza
  • Gaza refused to pay up and did not care if he went viral

Convicted scammer Xian Gaza is still going viral on social media as a sex video of him and a model has been leaked.

In a recent post on Facebook, he explained how everything came about.

Gaza said he was on a flight all alone and was just chilling and drinking when a fellow Filipino came up and invited him over to his friends.

“Mag-isa solo flight nag bibeer, and then may lumapit saking Pinoy na kilala ako.”

Gaza was introduced to the models by the Pinoy. They started drinking and interacting with one another. The Pinoy told the models all about Gaza and his antics.

“Pagtingin ko, may tatlong model, long legged talaga eh oh. Syempre di ko pa alam ano lahi nila that time, basta mga blondie.

“Ako rin inom na rin malakas na rin loob edi lumapit ako,” Gaza added.

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He saw that there was a Chinese man seated next to the models. This man was the sponsor of the models.

“Sa katabi ng tatlo, merong tsekwang isa, sponsor nila.”

After they got done drinking, Gaza was invited to an after party at the Chinese man’s hotel. Gaza obliged and was brought to the place for further fun.

“Nag yaya ng after party, sa hotel daw, sa hotel ni tsekwa.”

Gaza saw that the Pinoy was documenting his actions. Gaza then got it on with the model.

“May GoPro si noypi.

“Bata pa lang ako fantasya ko na magkaroon ng video with a runway model. So nakita ko yung opportunity grinab ko na agad.”

Gaza then said that the Pinoy tried to extort Php 4 million from him by threatening to release the video. Gaza knew better and ignored him which led to the buzz that he is still getting today.

“Alangan mag bayad ako. Na shoot ako, it’s a trap.”

Xian Gaza started gaining notoriety when he asked Erich Gonzales out for coffee with the use of a billboard which received a lot of hate from Filipinos.

On 2016, he tried making people believe that he and actress Ella Cruz were in a relationship. Gaza posted photos of them together but Cruz, along with her mom, called Gaza a stalker and a scammer.

On 2018, he was convicted of 11 counts of violation of the Anti-Bouncing Check Law after refusing to pay investors their money for his coffee shop.

Written by JO-EST B. TAN

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