Woman says that just because a man goes to church regularly doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a good guy

  • A godly man should have integrity
  • He should have faith goals
  • He should lead other people towards God

Religious woman Jemimah Ramos went on Facebook and laid out some advice on how to know if a man has a ‘godly relationship’ with God.

Ramos started off by saying that a man who is a regular churchgoer is not necessarily religious or godly. Ramos wants women to question a man’s relationship with God.

“Many can go to church, be a hearer of the Word, but is he a doer of the Word? He can be fully committed in a ministry, but is he fully committed too in his intimacy with God?

“Is he really worshiping God with the way He acts publicly and says it on social media? Is he just a normal Sunday Christian who will be holy on weekends and go back to his old sinful ways on weekdays?”

A godly relationship is only created when a couple lives out the life that God wants them to live, which includes being selfless.

“Ladies, don’t be easily deceived just because he goes to church, it’s when both of you will have the same passion to serve God with your lives and serving others too.”

Ramos then listed down the five qualities that a man should have for him to be called godly.

First, a man should be satisfied and grateful for whatever he has going on for him in his life because a man will not be content with a woman if he is not satisfied with what God has given him.

“He should have a personal devotion with God because he can’t be satisfied with you if he’s not satisfied with Him first.”

A man should have been through hell, only then will he look to God when the times are hard.

“He should be broken by God. A broken man will always be dependent on God, they aren’t proud but humbled by Him.”

A godly man should always be open to learning new things, and submissive when it comes to people who have more power than him.

“He should be teachable. They’ll always honor their authorities, may it be through his family or anyone who’s above him.”

Having strong moral principles is also very important, right along there with being honest with himself and in everything he does.

“He should have integrity. A man who’s honest within himself, who’s accountable to God and his fellow men with his spiritual purity.”

Lastly, a godly should lead a faithful life and should lead other people to follow God, as he does.

“He should be responsible. A man who has a vision not just for his own life goals, but his faith goals too. He should lead you to God, as well as he should have the urge to lead and disciple other men too.”

Ramos admitted that people will always sin, but it is always best to minimize them. Moreover, she says that women should always look for leadership in a man.

“You’re a strong woman and you need a man who’s mature enough to lead you. Men are called to lead, and ladies you’re called to wait.”

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Written by Charles Teves

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