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Woman says boyfriend is making her feel bad for giving attention to her cats

“He will get annoyed and say “you care more about that cat than me” or “you don’t make sure I get fed.””

Well known Twitter page relationships.txt (@redditship) shared the story of a manipulative boyfriend.

A Reddit user said that she has been with her boyfriend for four years and has noticed a toxic pattern with him.

The user lives with her sister and has a cat which they both take turns in feeding.

Her boyfriend lives far away from them.

It was common for her to leave her boyfriend whenever they are together just so she could feed her cat, because most times, her sister was too busy to do.

The boyfriend then would try to make her feel bad by saying that she cares more about the cat than him. He would do this every time she had to leave him.

She hates this attitude of his because he’s getting mad at something that she has to do. He would often stop eating and become listless because of the cat. He was basically making her feel guilty for leaving him constantly for a cat.

The boyfriend would also make her feel bad by telling her that she hasn’t fed him enough, which is not even her responsibility.

She concludes that she is with someone who is manipulative. The girlfriend thinks the reason why he is acting this way is because of the age gap between them. The boyfriend was her college professor and is 12 years older than her.

Redditors suggest that she find somebody else that would treat her right.

My (25F) bf (37M) gets jealous of the attention I give my cat from relationships

Dr. Andrea Bonoir, a clinical psychologist answered a question similar to what the Redditor is facing.

A netizen asked Bonoir how to handle her boyfriend who despises her cats.

Bonoir said that cats are being cats, so the problem really lies in the boyfriend. Bonoir thinks that the boyfriend sees the cats as obstacles from him and her moving together.

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