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“Kayo kaya ito ay ginagawa namin para sa inyo”: Seaman shares the dangers of his job

“Hindi ho madali ang trabaho rito. Mahal na mahal namin kayo kaya ito ay ginagawa namin para sa inyo.”

  • A seaman uploaded a video message on Facebook, stating how dangerous their job is.
  • But he added that they don’t mind it because they know that it’s for the wellbeing and happiness of the ones they love.
  • The video has reached more than 545,000 views and 6,700 shares on Facebook.

“Hindi madali ang trabaho pero mahal na mahal namin kayo kaya ginagawa namin para sa inyo,”

This is what a Filipino seaman said while showing how dangerous his job is. It can be seen in one viral video that made rounds all over social media.

People were touched by the video uploaded by Buhay Marino PH Facebook page. It was taken by a seaman named Popoy Cortes while he was putting grease on the cable wires at the top of the ship.

They were on the way to Pakistan when he took the video.

“Ito ang trabaho ng mga seaman kaya sana alagaan ninyo ang sahod ng mga seaman, ng mga kamag-anak ninyong nasa barko. Hindi madali ang trabaho. Tingnan n’yo ang trabaho ko ngayon. Ang hirap. Ang dumi. Ngayon nasa ibabaw ako,” he said.

“Iyan ‘yong dagat. Iyan ‘yong baba. Diyan ka puwedeng mahuhulog.”

The seaman mentioned that even though there are times wherein they have no choice but to risk their lives, they don’t think twice about doing it because everything they do is for those they love.

“Hindi ho madali ang trabaho rito. Mahal na mahal namin kayo kaya ito ay ginagawa namin para sa inyo.”

Cortes also repeatedly said the phrases “I love you” and “I miss you” throughout the video.

Written by Jackie Mata

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