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Bride-to-be secretly flies out to see her grandmother and grant her last wish

  • Tara Foley’s grandmother wanted to be present at her wedding but was too weak to travel
  • Tara decided to fly to her Nana with her wedding dress to grant her grandmother’s  wish
  • It was one of the greatest days of her life

Tara Foley shared a very precious memory on her Facebook account where she talked about granting her grandmother’s last wish.

Her Nana had told a nurse that one of her goals was to be at her wedding. But since she was already 103 years old and her heart was failing, she was not allowed to travel.

Tara decided to fly to her with her wedding dress even it was unaltered and she didn’t even fit it yet. What was important for her was to surprise her Nana.

Her plan was a secret and she didn’t tell anyone in her family and her friends what she was doing weekend so she could also surprise them with some pictures.

Though her grandma did not attend her wedding,  seeing her granddaughter in a wedding dress made her so happy.

Tara wrote, “Words cannot explain how much these moments mean to me and I will cherish these memories for the rest of my life.”

Seeing her grandmother smile and laugh was really unforgettable and will stay forever in her mind. For Tara, it was one of the greatest days of her life. That night when they had to part, they both knew it would also be their last time to see each other.

Her grandmother grabbed her cheeks with her hands, looked straight to her eyes and said: “I love you very much.”

When my Nana was put on hospice, the nurse asked her what her goals were. She replied that she wanted to be at my…

Posted by Tara Foley on Thursday, June 13, 2019

After 27 days, her grandma passed away and Tara felt so blessed to have her last memory with her.

At the end of her post, she thanked all the people who had helped her to make her surprise possible.

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