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Photo of a street kid feeding a blind man goes viral and inspires the netizens

  • The photo of a street kid feeding a blind man he doesn’t know went viral
  • He does not know the man but decided to help him
  • Netizen was touched by his selfless act so she snapped a photo of them

Carel Shari Cabulao snapped and shared online the heartwarming photo of a street kid who was feeding a blind man.

The uploader said that the blind man eating alone outside a carinderia when the street kid noticed that he was struggling because he couldn’t see his food.

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Even he does not know the man, the kid decided to help him by spoonfeeding the blind man.

Cabulao was touched by his selfless act so she snapped a photo of them and shared it on Facebook and it immediately went viral.

Netizens admired the kindness of the kid towards the blind stranger. They were also impressed that a street kid could show an act of compassion to others without expecting anything in return.

Some netizens were inspired as they wanted to give a reward to the boy for the kindness and they hoped that he could be identified so they could reach him to extend some help.

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