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Celebrities oppose the possible release of convicted rapist and murderer Antonio Sanchez

  • Celebrities negatively reacted to the news of Sanchez’s possible release from prison
  • Sanchez was meted 7 terms of Reclusion Perpetua for rape-slay in 1993
  • Faeldon that it was not that easy to release Sanchez who was convicted as murderer and rapist

News recently broke out that Antonio Sanchez, who was convicted of the rape-slay of University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) student Mary Eileen Sarmenta and the murder of Allan Gomez, might be released from New Bilibid Prison due to his qualification for the “2013 Good Conduct Time Allowance law. ” The public and celebrities reacted negatively to this news on social media.

The rape-slay case of the UP students began when then Caluan Mayor Sanchez’s deputy chief of police George Medialdea abducted the couple Eileen Sarmenta and Allan Gomez. Gomez was killed while Sarmenta was given to Sanchez “as a gift.” After Sanchez raped Sarmenta, he gave her to his six henchmen who took turns raping Sarmenta. Sarmenta was killed right after this.

Sanchez and his accomplices were meted 7 terms of Reclusion Perpetua for the rape-slay. Sanchez was also sentenced two terms of reclusion Perpetua for the double murder of the father and son pair of Nelson and Rickson Peñalosa who were shot to death by the mayor’s henchmen. Nelson was a supporter of Sanchez’s political opponent.

Celebrities went on social media to voice their opposition to Sanchez’s release.

Antoinette Jadaone, known for directing the movie That Thing Called Tadhana and other hit Filipino movies. shared a netizen’s post explaining why Sanchez doesn’t deserve to be released.

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PLEASE TAKE TIME TO READ. NAMNAMIN. AT MAGALIT. . (Words not mine. Caption lifted from Desiree Carlos’s public Facebook post.) . You want that former Calauan Mayor Sanchez released? Think again, please. Here are the facts that came out from testimonies and NBI and medical reports immediately after the bodies of Eileen Sarmenta and Allan Gomez were found. 1. Sarmenta interviewed Sanchez for a school paper. Sanchez showed interest in Sarmenta. 2. Sarnenta was abducted after the interview while with her boyfriend Gomez. 3. They were brought to Sanchez' place. 4. Sarmenta was RAPED BY SANCHEZ, then.. 5. Sanchez GAVE SARMENTA to his bodyguards 6. SARMENTA HAD ONLY A T-SHIRT ON when Sanchez GIFTED her to his men. SHE HAD NO UNDERWEAR AT ALL. 7. The bodyguards put her inside the back of the van. 8. THEY TOOK TURNS RAPING HER. 9. The bodies of Sarmenta and Gomez were found days after. My fingers are shaking while writing this. My head feels like it is swelling. My hands are clammy.. feeling cold and wet.. clammy.. I can feel the onset of an anxiety attack. Why do I remember these details? I put together or edited 15-20 stories coming from the field from reporters who covered the investigation on the Sarmenta-Gomez rape-slay. I was the deskman handling this story every day for so many disturbing days for me. In one of those afternoons I was putting together all stories for a front page story as deskman of Malaya, I HAD MY FIRST PANIC OR ANXIETY ATTACK. Since then I have had to deal with anxiety attacks. I was diagnosed only a few years ago as suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. The TRIGGER or the detail that triggered my anxiety attack then: THE MEDICO -LEGAL REPORT SHOWED THAT THE SEMEN FOUND INSIDE EILEEN SARMENTA FILLED A CAN OF SARDINES. VISUALIZE that and KNOW that Eileen, so beautiful and sweet-looking with such a wonderful future ahead of her before she crossed path with the CONVICTED Sanchez , was RAPED by so many men.. gifted by Sanchez to his men. Now, pray tell, you want Sanchez released? — From Desiree Carlos, Facebook post

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Angel Locsin agreed with the post, saying “Naalala ko to. This is pure EVIL. Nakakanginig laman.” Angelica Panganiban also said, “Naalala ko pa mukha ni Sanchez. Nasusuka ko.” Director Jadaone replied, “hayup talaga. Mukha ng walang kaluluwang rapist.”

TV host Bianca Gonzalez even said that there were a lot of other people in prison who deserved a second chance rather than someone like Sanchez who is a killer and rapist.

Sunshine Cruz also shared her experience playing the role of Eileen Sarmenta in a movie where she really felt scared. Thinking of what Sarmenta really experienced in the hands of Sanchez made her also agree that he doesn’t deserve a second chance.

I played Eileen Sarmenta in a movie I did before under Regal/Golden Lions. Kuya Dick Israel played the Mayor convicted…

Posted by Sunshine Braden Cruz on Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Edu Manzano posted a question with the issue, that there were 11,000 thousand inmates could possible be released because of the RA 10592.

According to the Bureau of Corrections Chief Nicanor Faeldon, it would not be that easy to release Sanchez who was convicted as a murderer and a rapist.

As reported in GMA News, he said that “Preliminary, kasi marami siyang involvement sa some not good behaviors, e, baka hindi nga siya qualified, that’s really the probability.

“He may not be qualified to go home today or in the next few months, mukhang hindi siya makakapasok agad. Baka abutin pa siya ng several years.”

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