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Guy holds hands with stranger during flight, ends up in a relationship with her

  • Ya Chao was on a flight back to Taiwan after getting fired
  • He sat right next to a girl who held his hands during some turbulence
  • They became a couple shortly after

Falling in love during a flight is something that doesn’t happen everyday.

A Taiwanese man named Ya Chao went on Facebook and shared how he ended up with a girlfriend because of some turbulence during a flight.

Chao just got fired from his job and was heading back to Taiwan. As he was walking towards the plane, he saw a woman struggling with her bags. When it was time to take off, that’s when he realized the woman sat a seat away from him.

The woman asked Chao to help her with her luggage, and they interacted like old friends.

“She took out some cherries and offered them to me. Perhaps she wanted to thank me for helping with the luggage.”

The chemistry between the two was apparent, so the woman sat right next to Chao.

“There was a seat between us, hindering the conversation. But she later changed seats to sit beside me.”

Chao then asked the woman if she would like to travel together, and continued talking about videogames, which the woman knew nothing about. Then she revealed that she loves traveling.

“She likes to visit countries and go on adventures. She’s been to many places and cities, but it’s her first time to Taiwan.”

All the sudden, the plane went through turbulence.

The woman then grabbed his hand while trying to sleep.

“But during the turbulence, we had started holding hands. Both of us had sweaty palms.”

Chao kept on telling her that everything would be alright.

“I held her hand tightly and reassured her. I didn’t know why, I suddenly had the urge, deep down, to protect her.”

They landed safely and eventually travelled to Taiwan together with Chao being the guide since the woman was from China.

The two became a couple shortly after.

Chao even expressed that getting fired was a blessing in disguise.

Written by JO-EST B. TAN

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