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Netizen makes a fun and memorable list of 20 things you learn when you travel with your mother

  • Eric Deluso posted pictures of himself and his mom during their vacation
  • He cited 20 things he learned from the experience

Netizen Eric Deluso shared a post on Facebook with the caption, “20 THINGS YOU LEARN AFTER TRAVELLING FIRST TIME WITH YOUR MOM”

Eric talked about his experience traveling with his mom for the first time.

He said that your mother could be your best travel buddy since both of you know each other so well and that she would do the adjustments just for her child to be happy.

Eric Deluso: They could be your best travel buddy as u both knew each other from head to foot. She knows what you want so she will always adjust kasi gusto nya mas maging happy ka
Eric Deluso: They love to be pampered too

On top of that, you would get a chance to know their cool and carefree side.

Eric Deluso: mapapasabi ka nalang na “anak nga talaga ako ng mama ko” hahahahaha

He also found out that mothers love exploring new things in life. He goes on to mention that traveling with your mom would always be an unforgettable experience because you’re with someone that is selfless and only thinks about what’s best for you.

Eric Deluso: you’ll get to know their cool and carefree side
Eric Deluso: they love exploring and trying new things as well
Eric Deluso: you’ll have your best and most memorable travel kasi kasama mo ang taong walang inisip kundi iprioritize at mahalin ka ❤️

One funny thing about his mother was that she was still going to watch her favorite TV show (FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano) no matter where she is. His mother, although enjoying the vacation, still would not stop scolding him, which netizens found funny.

Eric Deluso: Kadenang ginto/ Probinsyano is lifer, kahit san man kayo mapadpad
Eric Deluso: gusto din nila maganda ootd nila oy! So help them mix and match 😉

He also urged people to take good photos of their mothers because they will always look back at those memories.

Eric Deluso: ranting never stops kahit travelling. Baon nalang earplugs hahahahaha
Eric Deluso: just be patient, she’s trying but still fails
Eric Deluso: take good pictures of them. Kasi di man sila mapost they will always look at those photos sa phone nila or they will non stop chikka sa mga friends nila pagbalik

You should also ask your mother what she needs and wants, especially since she is now your responsibility since you took her out.

Eric Deluso: always check on them, ask if they need anything or what they want, or my gusto sila bilhin or gawin. You bring your mom to your travels, you take care of them, they are now your responsibility.
Eric Deluso: you will make them so happy, places they able to visit na never nila naimagine mararating nila but you made it possible for them 😊
Eric Deluso: naks! May hidden photography skills din naman pala, after 29 shots though 😂

Mothers will be very happy if you take them to places they could only imagine going to in the past.

Eric Deluso: expect to stop at every flowers na makikita nyo sabay sabing “picturean mo ko dito sa flowers”
Eric Deluso: mas mahaba pa po ang pahinga at upo kaysa sa tour nyo. Ma, ano na hahahaha

Finally, he said that traveling with your mother will get you closer to each other, and that you should always make them feel special since they are not getting any younger.

Eric Deluso: they just miss laughing and goofing around with you.
Eric Deluso: if you think youre good at budgeting while travelling, travelling with your mom will make u look amateur. A 20 usd meal she can cook at 5 usd, mas mabubusog ka pa haha
Eric Deluso: travelling together will rekindle your bonding moments na kayo lang kasi marami ng bagay na di nyo napag uusapan dahil sa busy ka.

And Eric’s last realization in having his mom as his travel buddy: “Always learn to give back and make them feel special the way they always deserve.”

Eric Deluso: And last but not the least, build more memories with them, we’re busy chasing our dreams we almost forgot that they are growing old too. So while malakas pa sila make them happy, always learn to give back and make them feel special the way they always deserve. Labyu Ma

His post has nearly 30k likes.

Written by Charles Teves

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