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Guy showers girlfriend with over-the-top compliments, gets bashed for being a ‘simp’

  • A girl posts screenshots of her conversation with her boyfriend
  • Instead of getting compliments from netizens, it backfires and Twitter users start bashing the couple

Twitter user @sabwaysurft posted screenshots of her conversation with her boyfriend with the caption of “if your man doesn’t hype you like this, go get another man.”

The screenshots show her sending a photo of herself to her boyfriend with the nickname ‘Jowa’.

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Jowa then replied, “kinikilig ako tanginaaaaaaaa”.

The girl then replied, “I love you moreee”.

The girl then said, “if your man doesn’t hype u like this, go get another man.”


While it is evident that Jowa loves his girlfriend, some netizens felt it was also obvious that he was more like a simp that sucks up to his girlfriend.

Twitter users started getting on her case.

There were also some who showed support for the couple of three years, but most did not like what she said about women not deserving men who do not compliment their looks to the extreme.

“i’d hate to burst your bubble but not all men are this expressive. if other guys are not this type it doesn’t make them any less of the boyfriend that they are and pressuring them into becoming this guy isnt doing anyone any good. sometimes you just have to take what you get.”

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