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Identical Twins, spotted ‘fighting’ in their mother’s womb

Sibling rivalries, fights, and quarrels all start out at an early age, but what would your reaction be if you found out something like that could happen even before the babies are born?!

That’s exactly what happened with a couple of unborn twin sisters in Yinchuan, China, who were 4 months old at the time. But their mother already gave birth to them back on the 8th of April.

The father of the twins shared the video of the ultrasound and has since garnered nearly 3 million views. The adorable video showed the twins ‘punching’ and ‘kicking’ each other.

The twins were nicknamed Cherry and Strawberry, after their mother’s favorite fruits and were reported to be born healthy. Cherry and Strawberry are considered a rare set of twins, also referred to as Mo-Mo twins.

The hospital that take took care of them reported that they are the first Mo-Mo twins that they have successfully delivered. People are still intrigued with their video as it is still creating headlines today.

Netizens are even saying this fighting they had will bring them closer together. But of course there are some people who just have to ruin the party by saying that the unborn twins are just moving around because they have such little space and are not even touching each other.

However you look at it, it will always be better to think that the twins fought because it is cuter to think that way!

Written by Mc Richard Paglicawan

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