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“So you were lying?” Leah Navarro and Jay Sonza go toe-to-toe on Twitter

  • Leah Navarro slams ‘senseless’ Jay Sonza, Noli de Castro
  • ‘Senseless commentary’ of Jay Sonza, Noli de Castro dishonors my father who hired them — Leah Navarro
  • Leah Navarro slammed newscasters Jay Sonza and Noli de Castro for their supposed “senseless commentary” on political issues

Veteran broadcaster and television host Jay Sonza has once again stirred the pot in a heated Twitter exchange with Leah Navarro when the singer expressed disappointment at him and ABS-CBN news anchor Noli de Castro.

“Sad to say my father gave you and Noli de Castro jobs that launched your careers. He hired Noli for his voice, you as a comedic foil for Mel Tiangco. You both dishonor him with your senseless commentary,” Navarro said, speaking of her father Jimmy Navarro who was then a program director of ABS-CBN.

Sonza then tweeted a thread that claimed: “Emmanuel “Noli Boy” de Castro got to ABS-CBN by way of its VP Joselito Balquiedra Jr. Before martial law, he was PA to the late Johnny de Leon. Get your facts straight inquirer/Lea.”

“It was FMG and Rolly Cruz who approved of my (I was the executive producer) hiring Noli as segment host for TV patrol. Lea Navarro’s father in fact disapproved of de Castro’s handling the blood and guts segment. It was the late LBJ who put Noli on prime time radio,” he added.

To that end, Navarro answered, “So you were lying? You told me yourself, at my father’s wake, that he gave you your first break. Mel Tiangco echoed that comment. Noli de Castro was hired by my father, then Program Director, to anchor ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol.”

Jay Sonza has yet to respond to this.

Written by Moneeze Bernardo

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