Woman loses temper after accusing McDonald’s employees and manager of being incompetent

  • Woman caught on cam yelling at the employees of a McDonald’s branch.
  • She claimed that the food took a long time to serve and the rice was cold.

A Facebook page named Pinoy Viral Video posted a video submission, showing a woman angrily talking to the staff and manager of a McDonald’s branch.

According to the sender, the woman arrived with a group of friends. She ordered coffee and told the crew to serve it immediately as the people she came with had drinks somewhere else.

She also ordered two bff fries and also had it served.

“Umorder sya pero pagalit at pataas ng kilay. Ang sabi nya ‘paki bilisan naman miss lasing yung mga kasama ko’ so na order naman po ng mabilis.”

The woman then ordered a bucket meal with 15 pieces of chicken and 16 pieces of nuggets. She said that the one ordering at the counter is a military general. And as there was only a few staff at that time, they told her that they can only serve it after 15 minutes, which they agreed on.

But after a while, the girl got irritated and asked why their meal was taking too long to get served and why the crew is letting the general manager wait.

She began shouting  upon seeing the security guard’s disagreement, she faced him and complained.

The woman then demanded to talk to the manager and started blaming her for the “incompetent” crew. She went on and accused the manager of not doing anything and of the staff just hanging around.

Grabe si ate porket general manager sa military kaylangan VIP Treatment?? mga lasing po sila pero yung babae lang ang maingay. Una umorder po si girl ng coffee para sa lahat. So gy shift nga po. Bilang lang po ang mga crew nung gabe na yun. So eto na nga. Umorder din sya ng dalawang bff fries. Served po yun. Umorder sya pero pagalit at pataas ng kilay. Ang sabi nya "paki bilisan naman miss lasing yung mga kasama ko" so na order naman po ng mabilis. So eto na oorder naman sila ng bucket meal. 15chicken 16 na nuggets. Pero this time yung sinasabi naman ni girl na military daw (sabi nya) general manager daw sa militar ang umorder sa counter. Dahil nga po gy shift malimit lang po ang product namin. So sinabi ni counter na 15mins po served pumayag naman si militar. Tapos nagalit na si girl bat ang tagal tagal daw. Pinagmumura na lahat ng crew pati manager at si manong guard. Kesyo daw bakit daw pinaghihintay yung general manager. Dating sundalo daw yun. Kawawa naman yung crew. Pero mas nakakaawa po yung manager na naka duty po diyan kase babae po yung manager namin na nakaduty nung araw na yun.

Posted by Pinoy Viral Video on Wednesday, January 9, 2019

She then complained about the wrong number of utensils and the cold rice.

The manager did not fail to remain calm despite the rage of the woman.

Written by J M

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