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Lauren Dyogi reveals plans for the “PBB Otso” teen housemates

  • Lauren Dyogi shared plans regarding former PBB Otso housemates.
  • He said that they will undergo workshops to prepare them  for the showbiz industry.
  • The teens will mostly stick with guestings but will branch out to teleseryes and movies if continuously supported by fans.

Now that some of the Pinoy Big Brother Otso housemates already stepped out of the PBB house, they are expected to make appearances in different shows of the Kapamilya network.

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ABS-CBN executive Lauren Dyogi was then asked if the first batch – consisting of Ali Abinal, Gian Wang, Rhys Miguel, Aljon Mendoza, Criza Ta-a, Krist Vertudez, Missy Quino, Reign Parani, Lienel Navidad, Sansan Dagumampan, Josh Worsley, Art Guma, Gabby Sarmiento, Seth Fedelin, Achilles Samain, and Kurt Gerona – will have project with the network like shows or movies.

Dyogi said that he’s not sure yet as the season is technically not yet over.

“Well, technically, di pa tapos yung season so we don’t know what their involvement will be. Lagi namang may surprise yung PBB, so we don’t really tell them na tapos na until we have the big night and announce [the winner].”

He added that the housemates are currently attending workshops.

“For now, the commitment is to give them workshops, just so [makita] kung sino sa kanila ang may determinasyon, may puso sa pag-aartista, o sa larangan ng showbiz, so at least we prepare them and we equip them with the skills.

“Kasi naman, nasa bahay, they’re very raw. What you see now, they’re raw, hindi pa marunong masyado sumagot, nahihiya pa.”

The executive shared that they are going to help the teens adjust to the outside world and the showbiz industry.

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“So we’re still going to help them to get adjusted and you know how crazy showbiz is, so we need to also prepare them with what they want to get into, kasi I’m sure all of them they want to be in show business.

“So our commitment to our star dreamers and housemates is to give them proper training and opportunities”

So what are the plans? It turns out that they will stick to guestings first but will hopefully continue on to having their own projects as well.

“Of course, the guestings will be there, hopefully with the continuous support, they will have more exposure on television, cinema, and other platforms of ABS-CBN.”

Written by J M

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