Amber Heard suffers a wardrobe malfunction? “Aquaman” star slams report

Amber Heard suffers a wardrobe malfunction? “Aquaman” star slams report

  • Amber Heard reacted to a headline by DailyMail.
  • She said that going bra-less is not a malfunction as it should be okay for woman to do so.

American Actress Amber Heard slammed a report by DailyMail after the news site called her bra-less look a “malfunction.”

In a Tweet last November 25, she said that “if [going bra-less] is okay for a man then the same should apply for a woman.”

The Aquaman actress has received support from Twitter users. A certain Hunter Clarke said that the online news site has previously criticized Muslim women for being covered up, which is a contradiction to their title about Heard.

A netizen replied, “Woman can’t win. We choose to cover up, something is wrong. We choose to wear very little and something is also wrong. Let Women wear what they want. Sheesh.”

The actress then agreed to the sentiments of the two users.

Another shared that when she was pregnant, her nipples “leaked so bad” that “it went thru two pads” without her noticing.

A netizen tweeted a humorous message saying “the big shock would be if there was no nipple at all“.

Heard has been in films such as Justice League, The Danish Girl, Zombieland, and ExTerminators.

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