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Boss rejects employee’s application for leave; prevent the latter to attend his mother’s funeral

  • Thai employee shared a disappointing experience he had with his boss.
  • The boss refused to let him file his leave even though it was for the funeral of his mother.

In most companies, employees are entitled to compassionate leave when a family member has died. However, a company in Thailand has been creating buzz due to it’s non-allocation of such benefit.

Not only that, the boss also questioned the employee who just wanted to attend his mother’s funeral.

On November 28, a Thai citizen tweeted his disappointment after his boss blurted out words that shocked him.

According to the Netizen, his boss said, “Will your mother wake up if you attend her funeral? If you don’t go, they will still proceed with the cremation, right? So, you’re not allowed to take a leave!”

This made the employee angry and he proceeded to file a resignation letter as opposed to a request for a leave.

The series of tweets went viral in Thailand and even prompted others to share their own unbelievable stories with their bosses. One said that he was in the hospital for a surgery but his manager still demanded for him to do a Powerpoint presentation.

“I was in the hospital for one whole week and I didn’t receive any phone call or well wishes from my boss.”

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