“Why is everyone so gullible?” Luis Manzano frustrated over Vilma Santos poser account

  • Luis Manzano tweeted about a fake twitter account of his mother Vilma Santos.
  • He said that he doesn’t get why people react to the account as if it was really his mother tweeting.

Actor and television host Luis Manzano expressed his frustration over people bashing his mother Vilma Santos because of a poser on Twitter.

He quoted a reply of a netizen with username Owel6327, asking why can’t the Twitter user see that the account is not real.

Hahahaha bakit kaya hindi mo makita or ma realize na poser account…

The netizen has insulted Santos, saying that she has lost the respect of the people around her and former Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson is better than the politician.

are vi, sinayang mo respeto at suporta ng mga ordinaryong pilipino at ofw na mga taga hanga mo din. ganyan pala kagaspang ugali mo. laitin mo pa kapwa mo babae. ikaw na nag alis ng pag galang at respeto sayo. mas may dignidad at utak si mocha kaysa sayo. laos ka na

In a separate tweet, Manzano stated his confusion at the people’s reaction to the poser account and urged people to report it.

It’s weird how many people react to the poser/basher @vilmaSRecto posts as if siya talaga, all they have to do is check the account to see… ano nangyayari sa mga tao ngayon 😂😂😂 why is everyone so gullible? 😂😂 report the account please! 🙂

Written by J M

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