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WHAT’S WRONG WITH GOYO? Director Jerrold Tarog admits post-production error in film

  • Goyo director admitted that they made a slight mistake in one part of the film.
  • He promised to correct it in all the future copies of the movie. 

Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral has been showing since September 5 and people have been buzzing about it.

It revolves around the story of the youngest General during the Philippine-American War, Gregorio “Goyo” del Pilar, who is played by actor Paulo Avelino.

While it earned mostly praises, there was one minor error that not everyone seemed to notice.

The award winning director of the film Jerrold Tarog took to his social media accounts to admit the mistake.

He admitted that in the opening text of the film where it says Goyo “stayed in Bulacan” should have been Pangasinan. To avoid confusion, he promised to change it in future copies of the film.

Erratum: Sorry, folks. I screwed up a little in the opening text of GOYO. At the part where it says Goyo “stayed in Bulacan from June to October” that should’ve been Pangasinan obviously. We’ll fix this in future copies of the film.✌

He explained that the error slipped through the cracks during the end of post-production. Even after they’ve seen the film numerous times, they still failed to notice it.

Things got switched up near the end of post-production. We’ve seen the film a hundred times but this slipped through the cracks. Thanks to those who pointed it out. @lyrerook @IrishDDizon ❤️

Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral is still showing in cinemas nationwide.

Written by J M

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