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WHY MMDA? Netizens point out Double Standards over Estepa’s Public Apology

  • Christine Villamora Estepa and Macky Estepa made a public apology after their viral video.
  • Netizens questioned why the media blurred the faces of the couple in their apology video.

The viral ‘five-minute woman’ and her husband have finally apologized to the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) after both berated the MMDA officers for apprehending them over a parking violation.

On August 15, Christine Villamora Estepa and her husband Macky Estepa, personally went to the office of MMDA General Manager Jojo Garcia to say sorry.

She apologized to MMDA supervising operations official Bong Nebrija and all the other enforcers she lambasted on.

Video Courtesy of GMA News

Estepa asked for everyone’s understanding as she claimed to be ’emotional’ at the time which led to that heated situation.

When the video of the apology spread around the social media, Netizens started to question why the faces of the couple were blurred out.

parehong may atraso sa MMDA.
yung mahirap na taxi driver, kita ang mukha, yung mayaman na fiscal, may pambayad sa editor para i blur yung pag mumukha nila. may pa prescon pa para sa public apology. pano yan, di tinatanggap ng public apology niyo.

Image: Screengrab from @SashimiDude7’s tweet

Iyan ang masaklap kapag may katungkulan binublur nyo pero kung ordinary driver nakafocus pa ang mukha, bkit ganun?!? Kala namin wala kyong kinikilingan at totoong serbisyo lang? Tama ang sabi ng marami DAPAT ITULOY ANG KASO!

Image: Screengrab from @PjSosa’s tweet

Bakit naka blur pa sila. Pag may kaya dapat naka blur pero pag mahirap ipapakita lahat. Anong kwenta ang public apology kung nakatakip naman mga pagmumukha nyan.

Image: Screengrab from @Targrod’s tweet

in all seriousness, buti nag-public apology sila. what i do not understand is kung bakit sila naka-blur. hindi naman sila minor.

Despite the public apology, Garcia stated that they will still proceed to file the complaint against the couple.

Written by J M

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