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Jennylyn Mercado offers Help to an Abused Child; she remembers her childhood days

  • Jennylyn Mercado asked her followers for help in reaching out to the child who suffered from physical abuse.
  • The actress shared the same experiences with the child as she was also a victim of an abuse by her stepfather.

Jennylyn Mercado was heartbroken on the news of the 3 year-old abuse victim that have surfaced recently.

The child was physically abused by her step-mother, Berna Espina. A video of the child in the hospital went viral as she pointed at her stepmother when asked who her abuser was.

Mercado was also a victim of abuse, her heart was touched by the story when one of her social media managers posted on her Facebook page.

This is heartbreaking. 😢

Can anyone inform us how we can reach out to this poor girl? Jennylyn Mercado experienced child battery when she was barely 3. Jennylyn survived because her Mommy Lydia saved her from further physical, spiritual and emotional abuse. Jennylyn would like to extend her support to this girl. Please let us know.

#StopChildAbuse #StopViolence

A few years ago, the Kapuso actress admitted that she suffered from abuse by her stepfather when she was still a child. She was rescued and raised by her aunt, Lydia Mercado, who is now her legal mother.

“’Yong likod ko pinaplantsa tapos pinapaso ako ng cigarette. Tapos kapag pinaso na niya ako ng cigarette, ‘di ba lolobo siya, pipisain niya ‘yon. Gusto talaga niya nang nakakasakit, gano’n.

“Dumating na sa point na sa sobrang kakabugbog sa akin hindi na ako makabangon sa bed, ‘yong tipong black and blue na talaga, Tapos makikita nila iba na ‘yong itsura ko kasi maga, ‘yong nakalabas ng gano’n ‘yong mata ko tapos ang laki ng ulo ko, kasi siguro sa sobrang kakabugbog sa akin,” she shared.

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