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Bedridden father walks on the aisle with his Daughter on Wedding Day

  • Father with terminal liver cancer escorts her daughter at her wedding day as last wish
  • He died three days after the wedding

A dying father managed to get his final wish of walking his daughter down the aisle before he passes away.

Wedding photographer Law Tapalla captured the heartwarming moments between Charlotte Villarin and her father, Pedro Villarin, as he accompanied and held her daughter’s hand.

Tapalla posted the photos on her Facebook page with the caption: ‘A Father’s Love knows no boundaries.’

“Mr. Pedro Villarin walked her daughter down the aisle like any father would have even if his current health makes this a difficult endeavor.

“Mark and Charlotte’s wedding was a celebration of love, not only theirs but a love that joins their families closer to each other. We have witnessed how in every difficult situations there will always be hope and happiness.

“We’re privileged to capture every moment of smiles and tears in this wedding.”

Pedro suffered from terminal liver cancer and the family had to hire an ambulance and a private nurse to take him him to the ceremony in Las Pinas.

According to an article from Coconuts Manila, Charlotte said that the wedding was really for his father.

“That wedding is really for him because he wants to walk with me to the altar and witness my wedding since according to him I’m his favorite daughter.”

She also shared that they did think that he wouldn’t make it until the wedding day because he has been admitted in the hospital for extreme pain.

“We were going back and forth in the hospital beforehand.

“We hired an ambulance and a private nurse. We thought he would be able to sit on a wheelchair, but he couldn’t take it and used the stretcher from the ambulance instead.”

Three days later, Charlotte revealed that her father have already died.

“It was really painful but knowing that he left this world, fulfilling his dream, I’m happy already no matter what.”

Written by J M

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