Netizen alarmed at 2-year-old child left inside car while parents went away

Netizen alarmed at 2-year-old child left inside car while parents went away

  • Netizen uploads a video of a child neglected inside a car.
  • The video went viral on Facebook, garnering around 7 million views and thousands of comments expressing their anger towards the parents.
  • Parents defend themselves, saying that the car was not locked and there’s a slight opening in the window for a source of air.

A Facebook video from a netizen named Jasper Pascual sparks outrage as it shows a two-year-old toddler crying for help.

The toddler was left alone inside a car parked beside Pascual’s own vehicle. He narrated that when he was on his way to his car, he heard the child’s cries and discovered the situation as soon as he looked at the Toyota Fortuner beside him.

Pascual quickly took a video, the toddler can be seen peeking behind the window and Pascual can be heard calling for the guard and cursing loudly over the situation.

“Nagulat ako kasi walang kasama yung baby. Nasusuffocate na siya. And hindi din naka start yung car so walang aircon. Imagine! Sa dilim ng parking area ng metrowalk maiisip mo ba na may baby sa loob ng kotse na walang kasama?” he wrote on his post.

Furthermore, Pascual stated that the car beside them informed him that the baby was crying long before he even arrived.

He then called the security guard to inform the parents and after 5 minutes, the mother arrived and scolded the guard. “After 5mins ko nagpatawag ng guard nahanap nila yung magulang. At pinagagalitan pa niya yung guard kung bakit daw sila pinatawag pa. Kudos kay kuya guard kasi he stand his ground saying di po mam mali po talaga kayo pwede po namin kayo ipahuli kasi bata yang iniwan niyo dyan.”

Following this, the mother came back with the father around 10 minutes later and Pascual said that to avoid causing trouble, he let the guard handle the situation.

He also refrained from sharing the pictures of the toddler’s parents and decided to hide their identity.

In about one day, the video has reached 7 million views and more than 223,000 shares on the social media platform.

After the post has gone viral, the mother immediately defended herself saying that her husband is the owner of the restaurant where they ate for a bit. She also stated that she got angry because Pascual kept cursing and saying that he will break the window of the car.

“Actually naka-open ang window at ang sasakyan hindi naka-lock… Walang magulang na gustong patayin ang anak,” the mother added.

On the other hand, Social Welfare acting Secretary Virginia Orogo was disappointed about the whole incident.

According to Orgo, it is possible to file a case against the parents if it gets proven that they’ve neglected their child. “That is neglect and neglect, eh nasaktan ang bata, may abuse na agad doon, pwede po naming kunin ‘yong bata until such period of time,” she stated.

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