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Girlfriend proves that Love knows No Size(s)

  • Netizen share’s her love for her boyfriend via a public Facebook post and earned over 5,000 shares.
  • The girl states that “love knows no physical appearance and weight”.

People often hear the phrase “love knows no boundaries” and the case of this one Netizen is quite close to the said quotable quote.

She told her story on how she met and fell in love with her now boyfriend that led them to several challenges. It’s not an easy journey for them.

Photo courtesy of Bojo Jose | Facebook

Facebook user Myka Ella Marie wrote a long birthday greeting and appreciation post to her boyfriend, Bojo Jose. She met him when she joined the Fatima Auto Club (FAC) and at that time, he looked like a ‘bad boy’.

“I joined Fatima Auto Club (FAC) and dun ko sya unang na-meet. Mukhang badboy tapos pa-boss masyado. Christmas party namin nun tapos parang nabastos ako sa CR kaya sinabi ko sa kanila. Galit na galit sila nun e lalo na sya, e di pa naman kami close. makikipag-suntukan pa, pa-hero masyado hahahaha.” she said.

Upon joining the club, she realized that it was fun having a lot of male friends because aside from having people to joke around with, they are also there for protection.

Myka said that she’s comfortable being with Bojo and it came to the point that people would think that they’re together, but she was in another relationship back then. They got closer after she broke with her boyfriend as they were almost always together.

“He’s my one call away.” she wrote.

There came a time that he faced a problem. Myka said that she never left him. There came a time that they had an argument. It did not last long though as she realized that all the efforts he made for her during the times that they needed each other. (Medyo naguluhan ako dito sa sentence na to)

Photo courtesy of Bojo Jose | Facebook

“Naging okay rin naman kami after a week. Bigla kong naisip lahat ng efforts nya sakin. Sunduin ako sa bahay, hintayin matapos class ko para mahatid ako sa bahay, puntahan ako pag nasiraan ang sasakyan at lalo na pag-umiiyak dahil sa mga ka-MU haha at marami pang iba. Nagstart na kong i-appreciate lahat ng ginagawa nya para sakin kaya naging sweet na rin ako sa kanya nun.”

Myka and Bojo became an item without the usual monthsary and anniversary dates. She also confirmed that they are close to their respective families.

Even if he often doubts her love for him because of insecurities, she reassured him that that’s the part of why she loves him.

“Madalas syang nagkaka-doubt sa love ko sa kanya kesyo pangit daw sya, mataba and whatsoever. Para sakin naman, syempre kasama na yun minahal ko sa kanya. Sorry kung madalas tayong mag-away hehezz basta, nandito lang ako lagi for you. Ingatan natin sarili natin lalo na pag nagd-drive. Sobrang love na love kitaa kaya wag ka na magdoubt.” she wrote.

Myka then edited her post calling out those who judged her intent in her relationship with Bojo.

“Bago nyo ko husgahan, hindi ako mahirap. Hindi pera lang habol ko. May sasakyan rin ako. Wag kayong judgmental.”

Written by Jacks

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