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LOOK: Misamis Oriental Beachgoer Drags Baby Thresher Shark For Photo Op

  • Thresher Sharks was found near the shores of Misamis Oriental 
  • Netizens react to a baby thresher shark and adult thresher sharks being mishandled by the citizens
  • Thresher Sharks are protected by the Amended Philippines Fisheries Code.

A baby thresher shark was found near the shores of San Juan, Gingoog, Misamis Oriental last 3 June.

In a post of a Facebook user named Jhon Micheal Depio, it showed citizens seemingly having fun while holding and passing the baby shark one by one.

The original post was instantly deleted but Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines managed to post a screenshot in their Facebook page. Netizens immediately expressed their shock regarding how the people handled thresher shark.

“Any wild life in the Philippines area is doomed , uneducated masses and no plans to educate people , heads in the sand nationwide”

“Humans are the most dangerous creatures on this planet!”

“Ignorance of the Law, excuses no one”.

In another Facebook post shared by the MWWP two days ago, shared two photos of thresher sharks found in the same area, were killed by some residents as they mistook them as a “threat” for human safety.

Thresher sharks are considered vulnerable species and their population are rapidly decreasing. Just last year, conservationists and government agencies have called for the strict protection of thresher sharks through legislations following the species included in Appendix II of the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species.

The species are currently protected under the Republic Act 10654 or the Amended Philippines Fisheries Code.

It is unclear what action will be done regarding the said posts and the people included.

Written by J M

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