Philippine Flat Earth Society: These Filipinos believe that the world is flat

  • Filipinos who believe that Earth is flat gathered to form “Philippine Flat Earth Society”
  • Philippine Flat Earth Society makes noise on social media
  • Their group instantly became viral on Facebook as it drew mixed reactions from netizens

There are countless scientific phenomenon and theories that continue to surface up to today. One of the most common among them is the belief that the Earth if not round as we all were taught, but instead is flat all this time.

Ever since it was given in pictures and school lessons that the world we live in comes in a circular shape and that it constantly rotates. However, there are still adherents that insist those mentioned are not yet enough evidence to prove that it is indeed a sphere.

Lately, a Facebook page has been talked about numerous times by Filipino netizens. They are suddenly amused by this group of people who claim to be the “Philippines Flat Earth Society.”

“Wanna Fact?” reposted a photo of what they think PFES believes and the names of who founded it.

We joined the closed group of the PFES and browsed through their discussions. What most people found amusing is the gatherings of the members. Netizens were quick to judge that they don’t all look like legit “flat-earthers” but rather bandwagoners.

Here are some snaps from their social media page:

They seem to have a good time getting to know one another through this platform. They even have chapters from different places in the country! Aside from get-togethers, the page is filled with photos, articles, and notes that suggest their theory.

As of this writing, they now have a total of 1,152 members.

According to their description, joiners must follow specific guidelines:

“1. Respect Somebody’s Opinions/Religions/Beliefs
2. All Will Have Free Will to Accept and Denied…….Nobody will be Force to Accept somebody’s opinions but everybody is Allowed to Explain and Justify Individual Opinions…
3. We are All Here to Learn and Meet/Greet our Fellow Members
4. Strictly No Discrimination (We will not Win by Bullying, but Will Win by Showing our Breeding!)
5. We Live to our Standards (Patience and Extreme Understanding)
6. Find the TRUTH and not to DECEIVE others and worst NOT OURSELVES…”

Moreover, it turns out that they are certified by the “United Council of the Philippine Flat Earth Community,” based on the information given on the page.

There are a lot of skeptics about this movement. However, it wouldn’t hurt the Earth if one would think it’s flat, right? Humans are born curious, that’s why. This is not the first unusual theory ever made.

Whether or not you’re a believer or not, the world goes on, in a flat or round motion, who knows?

Written by Team DailyPedia

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