When Sleep is Life but Food is Lifer…

  • McDelivery knows how to follow instructions

Ever felt hungry in the middle of the night and want to get some food but scared to get caught by your parents when the delivery man rings on your doorbell?

Well, take your tips from this netizen as they gave exact and careful instructions to the fast food’s online delivery service.

Check out these tweets:

It reads: “Pag gutom ka ng madaling araw tapos ayaw mo magising nanay mo..”

Fast food delivery just leveled up their game.

Remarks say: “Text lang po or tawag pag nanjan na kayo. Baka magising si Mama. Nasa second floor po kami. Magbababa nalang po kami ng basket para doon ilagay. Sa terrace po kami”.

And of course, with instructions as precise as that, who wouldn’t follow?

Luckily, no mother got angry and no person got hungry in the making of this genius act. What can we say? Food is life.

Written by Mc Richard Paglicawan

A PROUD Mangyan, registered nurse, blogger, adventurer, a son, a friend, wishes to be a father someday. Blogger from

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