Carrot Man, The Definitive Face of Mountain Province’s Culture and Tradition?

Carrot Man, The Definitive Face of Mountain Province’s Culture and Tradition?

  • Carrot Man is the face of Mountain Province’s Culture and Tradition
  • Jeyrick ‘Carrot Man’ Sigmaton is thankful to the internet

Yes, he is the boy in the rain, later referred to as the Carrot Man.

The face of Mountain Province

Jeyrick Sigmaton was just a normal farmer from the beautiful place of Mountain Province until the internet feasted on him. From being that boy wonder, Jeyrick has come a long way, from non-stop features to magazine cover to endorsement deals! Imagine?

Now living in a normal life once again, ‘Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho’ visited Carrot Man in Baguio City. He moved to Baguio months after his internet stardom. According to him, it is hotter in Baguio than in Mountain Province. He is also flaunting his newly-trimmed haircut.

“Nung nag-viral ako, napunta ako sa iba’t ibang lugar at bansa. Nakaipon ng kaunting income mula sa mga event na siyang ginagamit ko para sa pag-aaral ng aking mga kapatid,” Jeyrick said when asked what has changed after the world acknowledged him.

Despite all the opportunities being offered to him, he firmly stood by his priorities. Studying. That’s what he is exactly doing right now, dropping some offers to him. He is just finishing up his secondary education and vows to support his younger siblings in achieving their dreams.

He also used the fame he gained to promote the culture and tradition his tribe has. It can be remembered that Jeyrick is a part of the Ekachacran tribe from the Mountain Province.

Carrot Man stays grateful to social media for letting the world know about his culture-rich roots.

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