Out of anger, Foreigner tapes rotting fish on ‘offline’ ATM

Out of anger, Foreigner tapes rotting fish on ‘offline’ ATM

  • Foreigner tapes fish on offline ATM
  • Foreigner has had enough, tapes fish on non-performing ATM

Raise your right hand if your pet peeve is ‘offline’ Automated Teller Machine (ATM)! Like, c’mon. Never forget those times that you badly need cash and the nearby ATM Machine says ‘out of service’!


Sorry for you, this foreigner has had enough. Tony Buswell expressed disgust over an offline ATM Machine in Bunbury, Western Australia. He just slammed the Commonwealth Bank, a well-known bank in Australia.

“Hey Commonwealth Bank, how about you service your ATMs in Bunbury so punters like me will not have to tape fish to them. So you’ll have no choice but to come and fix them. I have more fish and tape and will power than your entire organization,” he said out of anger.

Well, that pretty much actioned out everyone’s thoughts about non-operating machines. His post reached more than 26,000 reactions and was shared 10,483 times already. For call to action, he firmly said, in all caps, “FIX THEM NOW!”

Netizens react

Just like we said, it’s not just Buswell’s problem. We have encountered it once or twice. He just had the guts to pull the trigger.

So, we collected some of the things our netizens have to say regarding the issue.

“Best Laugh of the week,” TD Snelling

“Troy Buswell: politician everybody,” Batzy Zaid

“Not all heroes wear capes,” Meagan Baldwin

“From now on, if something in life displeases me, I’m going to tape fish to it,” Trent Minton

“More fish? We need this guys coordinates,” Brendan Feore

What do you think guys? Share us your thoughts.

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