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LOOK: Delivery Man went the Extra Mile to Purchase Medicine on Behalf of a Mother with sick Child

  • A mother named Shishi Cruz De Leon commended a fast food delivery man for sending her medicine along with the food she ordered.
  • The woman had no one else to ask for help and decided to rely on the delivery man.
  • To her surprise, the delivery man actually did her request and bought medicine for her child.

We all can agree to the fact that not all of us have the luxury of time. That is why we sometimes won’t be able to stop for a little while and smell the flowers.

Most of the time, some of us are busy woth no time to prepare and cook food, or even dine at a restaurant. For this reason, a lot of people would rather rely on fast food chains to prepare and bring food straight to our doorsteps.

It’s kind of weird but did you know that there are some who use fast food deliveries to run some personal errands for them?

Just like a Facebook netizen named Shishi Cruz De Leon who asked for help from a delivery man to do something for her.

De Leon shared this story on her social media account and praised the man for giving her a 5-star worthy kind of service.

Read on to discover the detailed story:

Nagbakasakali lang naman ako 

Nilagnat si Gabby kaninang madaling araw pero bumaba din bandang 6 a.m. kaya nakatulog ulit kami. Paggising ko around 8 a.m. chineck ko temperature nya 38.6. Pag nag 38 na temp nya panic na ko nyan. Wala na pala kaming stock na Tempra kaya nag message ako sa mga kapatid ko kung pupunta ba sila dito sa bahay. Hindi kasi ako makalabas dahil walang magaalaga kay Gabby. Kaso mukang tulog pa sila.”

According to De Leon, she woke up and discovered that her child has a fever. Since she can’t leave the house as no one will look after her kid. She asked her siblings to see if any of them plans to visit – which unfortunately got no response as she thought they were still probably asleep.

Sa sobrang desperado ko, naisip ko yung nakita kong post dati sa facebook na nag order sa Jollibee tapos nagpasabay na din magpabili ng Paracetamol. Kaya nag order ako online then nilagay ko sa Remarks na kung pwede magpabili ng Tempra drops para sa 1 year old baby ko. Hindi na ko umaasa na pagbibigyan ako kasi wala akong nareceive na confirmation email sa order ko. Eh pag checkout, may nakasulat don na makakareceive ako ng confirmation email. More than 20 minutes na wala pa din. Pinakain ko na lang muna si Gabby baka sakaling bumaba temperature nya.”

The worried mother then thought of other ways to get medicine for her baby and remembered an old viral story where the netizen asked the fast food chain to buy medicine. Given the fact that she doesn’t have any other options left, she decided to do the same thing.

Nagulat na lang ako may nagsalita sa pinto ng “Jollibee po”. Pinapasok ko si kuya. Nilabas nya yung order ko pati yung Tempra. Naiiyak talaga ko pagkakita ko non kasi hindi ko inexpect na pagbibigyan ako.”

To her surprise, the delivery man came with the food she ordered and the medicine as well.

Sobrang salamat talaga Sir Aaron. Hindi sya nanghingi ng kahit anong kapalit. Tinanong ko siya kung anong pwede kong gawin para sa kanya. Sabi niya, sulatan ko na lang ng commendation yung likod ng resibo. Nagrequest na din ako kung pwede ko siya picture-an para makita ng Jollibee kung anong ginawa niya. 

Maraming salamat, Jollibee at meron kayong rider na hindi lang basta nagdedeliver ng order. May puso din. Pakicommend naman si Sir Aaron. Sobrang laking tulong ng ginawa niya para mabawasan pagaalala ko sa anak ko.”

Aside from the gratitude for Aaron, she also thanked the fast food chain for hiring such a kind delivery man.

On the other hand, netizens who had seen the post praised the man and hoped that there will be more delivery guys who would be as helpful as Aaron.

Delivery men are indeed reliable and should be commended for the kind of service they do every day. They commit to their profession and deliver food to the customers, rain or shine.

Next time you order from a food delivery, don’t forget to say ‘thank you’ or ‘good job’ along with the proper payment!

How about you? What’s your opinion on this story?

Written by Reese Barcelon

Reese was an online novelist way back 2011. She began her voyage with a pen and paper in hand, which advanced into a laptop after some time. Living in a fictional world with the books she read and dramas she watched gave her solace and became her happy pill.

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