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3 stages of life presented in Sun Shorts

Remember the time when you still don’t have to worry about adulting—the feeling of being carefree and going with the flow? How about that one special moment you thought you’re ready to seek the world and how easy it seemed to be? It’s a great memory to look back at, right?

We live in a world that is fast-changing and ever-growing. When the responsibilities of adulthood and the need for independence sink in, we have to wise in our decisions. Life is filled with ironies and mysteries—what we have never encountered in the past might be our nemesis of today.

We are not getting any younger, what we do today will surely reflect on our future. Every single detail might lead us to our success, or worse, failure, but there are so many people and organizations out there that would help you get back up and move forward. Have you noticed how your priorities change through time? From saving up for that nice pair of sneakers to owning houses and cars. If you have not noticed the changes, we are here to give a little sneak peek of the evolution of our money priorities.

  • Clothing, Gadgets, Travel

The stage of life when we’re the boldest, most aggressive, and most impulsive. You are blessed with all the time in the world, the energy to do anything. It could have been the best stage in life if you are financially stable, but this is the phase when we try save up for the future. What’s important for us during this stage is how we would look in a dress or how rad that smartphone is. We want to conquer the world with a little amount of money in our pockets. Remember that lesson on going with the flow and following where the waves take us? Watch this


Can a love be strong enough to endure the currents of life? #sunshorts

Posted by Sun Life Philippines on Wednesday, June 7, 2017

  • House and family, Investments

From buying just for our own interest, we start to make a living for our own family. Life insurance, investments and everything that goes with it could be a wise decision at this stage. As we get more successful, the more responsibilities we have at work. We tend to continue working even harder. All for your family and the future of your child just like what this film wants to impart on us:

She Said, She Said.

For parents who wonder if they're doing the right thing. Watch more #SunShorts here:

Posted by Sun Life Philippines on Wednesday, June 14, 2017

  • Retirement, Health Care, and Medical Stability

After years and years of working hard and sleepless nights, you’ll finally sit on your favorite chair looking back at your younger self. You might regret all the failed decisions in your life, but what is important now is what have you done and what have you become. A house and three cars, maybe? Successful children and a responsible grandchild? All of this would make you feel better and accomplished. But now that you have the money and all the time in the world, you will start getting benefits from your insurances. This is the time when you can afford that expensive buffet and overpriced international trips, but you can’t because of your strict food diet and health conditions. But it’s never too late for us to do want we want, just like the couple in this short film:

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Written by Mc Richard Paglicawan

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