Filipino netizens go crazy with the new app called ‘Sarahah’

  • Sarahah’s the Most Downloaded App
  • Sarahah, which means “honesty” or “candor” in Arabic, began as a website tool for soliciting workplace feedback

Filipino netizens can now  send and receive honest messages and questions to the people they have interest with, without revealing their identity.

Thanks to the addicting app called “Sarahah”, where netizens go crazy about, it helps people discover their strengths and areas for improvement by receiving honest comments.

Aside from the app, you can also log-in or register to their website at

According to an article posted in, it said that Sarahah means “honesty” or “candor” in Arabic and it began as a website tool for asking a workplace feedback. It added that the app gained popularity after millenials embraced a mobile version of the tool and after Snapchat app offered users a way to send each other links to their Sarahah page.

Some netizens can freely express and answer their feelings, anger and admiration to each people who created a profile to the said app. Unfortunately, a netizen cannot reply to the feedback or question sent to him in the said app, however, according to the Sarahah page, they are now studying the said matter.

On the other hand, the creative millenials then answer the questions through twitter or facebook with a screenshot of the question.

The messages sent by visitors cannot be viewed by others.

Now, the question from most of the netizens, how long is the trend of this app will last?

Written by Timmy Diagone

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